Brocaded Fabric in Frames

by Travis Newbill

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Dreamy music for feeling people.


released February 26, 2014

This music was written and recorded in Florida in 2013.

All songs written and performed by Travis Newbill.
Danielle Leighla Del Sordo sings on track 1.

All music has been mixed and mastered by Chris Mahle of Cb Media.

Cover art by Olga Volkus of Loliipop Graphics

Cover art is based on a photo by NeitherZine



all rights reserved


Travis Newbill Colorado



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Track Name: Brocaded Fabric in Frames
I dreamed I had a room
in New York City with a view
You came by and we sat on the bed
and you took off your glasses
and murmured "I love you"
in a friendly way
And I immediately kissed you

And as we kissed I could see images
which sprang from your mind
as if together we were a projector and screen
and the movie,
and the watcher,
and there were no critics or credits

Oh, and it was such a natural thing
The way we kissed was like the way
we dance and sing, my friend
And as we pulled away
we both smiled and giggled
Yes, and then you showed me
some artwork that you made:
Brocaded fabric in frames
Track Name: Green, Diamond
Is the air coming through?

As long as the window is open
I’m going to sing for you

Breath upon your cheek

A gentle truth
too precious to speak
Track Name: Yes, you have a flower face
Your flower face is rooted
in the darkest of places
I have known the purity
of your pupils
for all eternity

We will never age
We will live and die
upon these pages
you and I exist upon as ink
and it looks not like books
but confetti traveling in laughter

I don't have a choice
but to offer, forever,
echoes of your voice
Track Name: Pu Jingle
I believe the muse dwells in pu-erh leaves
Brew a pot, in a quiet spot, and mingle with her
Track Name: Still, Blue
Everything has changed
since yesterday
Things aren't going to last
like I thought they may
To be sure
these are precious days

This morning
like yesterday
It wasn't so easy
to get out of bed
But the things I said
the truths I knew
Today I'm singin' a different tune
But the sky is still blue

Still blue

I've still got work to do
I still cherish you
Everything has changed
and our days are still few